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Frequently Asked Questions


Before submitting a question, please browse the answers to these frequently asked questions.

Why The Local Heroes Magazine over other similar publications?

The Local Heroes Magazine has many distinct advantages over other similar publications:-

All inclusive pricing and online ordering make advertising in The Local Heroes Magazine a quick and pleasurable process.

Our pricing is clear and transparent which makes it easy to understand exactly what you are getting for your money.

You know exactly how many adverts are going to be seen by potential new customers as our magazine is delivered door to door.

We actually deliver 2000 copies of the magazine, they are not left in "Pick Up Points" like similar publications.

Our magazine is a useful resource so people keep the magazine and use it to find your company and the service you offer.

If anything is unclear with your order we will be in contact to ensure your advert is exactly how you imagined it to be.

Our prices are incredibly competitive for the service we provide and you're guaranteed to make a good return on your investment in The Local Heroes Magazine.

What is The Local Heroes Magazine?

The Local Heroes Magazine is a non glossy, idespensible guide to all your local businesses. These include all Trades, Local shops, Restaurants and Takeaways. The magazine is delivered to 2000 houses every 3 months in the immediate area of the advertisers within.

How much do adverts in your magazine cost?

Please see the table below:-

 Duration (magazines) / Size

 1/4 Page

 1/2 Page

 Full page

3 Months (2000 copies) £60 £80 £100
6 Months (4000 copies) £110 £140 £170
9 Months (6000 copies) £160 £200 £240
12 Months (8000 copies) £210 £260 £310

How soon after I place my order does my advert appear in the magazine? 

If your advert is ordered before the 16th of the month before publication then it will appear in the next magazine. If you order after the 16th of the month before publication then your advert will appear in the magazine published 3 months later.     

How long does the advert stay in the magazine?

This depends on the duration you have paid for. It could be either, 3 months (2000 copies), 6 months (4000 copies), 9 months (6000 copies) or 12 months (8000 copies).

What is the layout of the advert?

The adverts generally follow a standard layout. The company name at the top of the advert followed by a desciption of your companies services. Then a company logo (optional) followed by the address and contact details of your company. This layout is proven to be most effective.

  • (TIP) When a potential customer is browsing the magazine in search of a builder for example, a very clear title such as, "Bobs Builders, we can build anything" will be far more effective than something obscure such as "do you need some building doing".

    What is the layout of the magazine?

    The magazine layout is as follows:-

    Front cover (Our title then logo followed by a paragraph explaining what the magazine is.)

    Advertisments. (The main section of the magazine containing all the advertisements arranged in alphabetical order within each business type.)

    How are the magazines delivered?

    We deliver the magazines ourselves. This means we can guarantee the delivery of all 2000 magazines every three months. All 2000 magazines are delivered on the same day every 3 months and put right under the noses of thousands of potential new customers. Please remember that we actually put 2000 magazines though the letterbox of local people. Many similar publications will leave piles of their magazine in "pick up points". This means they have no idea of exactly how many of their magazines are actually ever seen by potential customers.

    What do the prices include?

    The prices mentioned above are all inclusive. Once you place your order, we will design your advert based on the information you provide on the order form. Your advert will be designed in the format mentioned above unless specifically requested otherwise. On the order form there is space for you to specify any special requirements.                          

    How can I order an advert?

    There are two ways to order an advert in The Local Heroes Magazine. You can download and print out an order form using the link at the top left or you can order and pay online using the link at the top left. When we receive your order, we will contact you with any questions we may have regarding the information you have provided. We will then design your advert and it will appear in the next Local Heroes Magazine.

    How can I contact you?

    You can contact us in three different ways. The best way is by using the contact us link at the top left of this page, then submit you enquiry using the online form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

    Alternatively you can email us using the following email address:-

    You can also call us on 07541 905 262 9am to 5pm, monday to friday.