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Pricing Information

Our emphasis is on simplicity. We make it incredibly easy to advertise in our magazine by offering a pricing structure which is all inclusive. There are no complicated add ons relating to size and colour.

The Local Heroes Magazine is delivered directly to the door of 2000 homes in the immediate surrounding area of your company every 3 months. You can choose how long you want your advert to stay in The Local Heroes Magazine.

The prices below are all inclusive. When you have placed your order through the post or online, we will design your advert, print the magazines and bring new customers to your company.

Please see the table below for detailed pricing information:-

 Duration (magazines) / Size

 1/4 Page

 1/2 Page

 Full page

3 Months (2000 copies) £60 £80 £100
6 Months (4000 copies) £110 £140 £170
9 Months (6000 copies) £160 £200 £240
12 Months (8000 copies) £210 £260 £310

As you can see from the table above, the longer you choose to advertise for, the lower the cost per advert.

You can pay for your order in several ways. If you order through the post then you can attach a cheque with your order form. (Order forms can be downloaded from this website, use the link on the left.)

The quickest and easiest way to place an order is online. You can order and pay online using the "Order and Pay online" link on the left.